What is a Girl Boss?

||Girl Boss|| Definition; whatever the f••• you say it is!

Women today are so neatly pigeon-holed I wonder how our lives became so convenient to others. We are neatly packaged into a label, tied up with a bow and told to feel grateful for the honour. 

The reality is far different. We are complex, multi-faceted beings. We can be everything all at once and none of them. ‘We are the great, great granddaughters of the witches you couldn’t burn’. We are the women who decided to go for it. The women who decided not to abandon themselves for the greater good. The women who looked at everything they had and still thought, it’s worth the risk. I’m worth the risk.

And then it starts. At first its a tea light flickering away deep down in your soul but it quickly becomes a forest fire that consumes you. You know there is more to life and your gonna go for it whole heartedly. However that looks; self employed, stay at home parent, side hustle, employed, student, foster parent. However you define it. A Girl Boss is someone that decided to go for it, to be authentically themselves and trust their instinct that they are on the right path. 

It’s checking your inbox at 4am. It’s shouting from the roof tops when your friend has a win. It’s breast feeding openly in a cafe for the first time. It’s smashing glass ceiling after glass ceiling to get where you want to be and being paid 25% less than your male counterpart for doing it. It’s listening to your instinct. It’s keeping a pen and paper by the bed incase you wake up in the night with an idea. It’s whispering ‘me too’ with tear-flooded eyes. 

Being a Girl Boss is different for every woman. It could be picking Doc Martin’s instead of stilettos one morning, or deciding the kids will be okay with pizza tonight because you really want to crack on with this project. It’s waking up in the morning and realising your going to do it differently from now on. 

It’s having your cake and eating it because you made the god damn cake. It’s setting an example for our sons and daughters, nephews and nieces that women can be whatever they want to be. It’s hard, but we wouldn’t give it up for the world.

So often as women we are told, so many times that we actually believe it ourselves, that the thing we want… that dream we had… that world we wanted to create…is unachievable. We’ve been told it’s not realistic and we have responsibilities and to put our feet back on the floor and stay in our lane. Being a Girl Boss  is trusting yourself and knowing that actually, that dream is perfectly attainable and almost within your grasp.

We decide to pursue it. And sometimes we lose friends and family along the way. When we’re face down in the sand, it feels lonely.

But we found each other. Through Facebook messages, stolen moments over coffee and hashtags. We found a tribe that recognises our struggles and claps for our wins.Who is one group post away when we need them. Who is there to help you fix your crown. Who talks about ideas rather then people. Who celebrates you for who you are and your journey.

We are all Girl Bosses!

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