Most frequent questions and answers

Absolutely whatever you want gal! Something that makes you feel like you, something that’s comfortable and gives you confidence! Whether your a stiletto wearing cooperate gal or you prefer a scrunchy and trainers we want you to feel your best. Come as you are!

Absolutely not! Whether you are a full time mamma, CEO of your own company, sick of working for someone else, have a hobby you would like to monetise, climbing the career ladder or just after something a bit different or a bit of self development  we would love to meet you! Our community is packed to the rafters with gals from all walks of life!

F*!k Yes! you can take a girl out of Penlan but you can’t take the Penlan out of the girl! 

Initially we didn’t structure this into our monthly events however it was our most requested piece of feedback. There is an opportunity for everybody to introduce themselves, normally we use a nerves ice breaker tension fun everybody feels nervous we’re all in this together safe space all in the same boat big confidence boost the room wants you to succeed.

All of our events, socials and workshops are fully vegan catered and all take place in unique venues and locations around Swansea and Cardiff. When you arrive, check in with us for your name badge and grab a complimentary drink. At each monthly event we normally have 2-3 speakers from a range of different backgrounds so bring a notebook and pen because your going to want to take notes gal! Nibbles are provided at most of our monthly events and workshops along with fruit juices (but dutch courage is available). We like to arrange our venues to help you get chatting in a casual and friendly way so seating during the speakers tends to be around tables. You’ll be welcomed by a member of the team and introduced to a few of gals, everyone’s super friendly and there’s plenty of time to chat before hand. Then onto the speakers with time network at the end. 

Definitely book your ticket and give us an email! Your gal Emily is a registered mental health nurse by trade, we’ve got you. We will make sure you feel comfortable and have a full idea of how the event will unfold and exactly what to expect. Then when you arrive we can meet you and get you settled with a drink, a seat and a name badge. We can introduce you to some of the girls that have been coming for a long time to help you feel supported and empowered to show your anxiety whose the boss (the Girl Boss) and enjoy your evening! 

We are a community and network that support and empower each other in a positive and compassionate environment. Gone are the days of power dressing and a firm hand shaking, we prefer a hug and a pair of comfy DocMartins! We are far more than a business network, we strive to enable sustainable and authentic collaborations, working relationships and friendships that go far beyond a business card and an empty promise.